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The Greatest College Football Game Ever Seen

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The Greatest College Football Game Ever Seen

Other nations around the world look at the US in wonder when it comes to sport. There aren't many nations where college sports are anywhere near as big as they are here and while there is undoubtedly a certain level of popularity of sports like soccer in Europe there is no way that tens of thousands of fans would crowd into a stadium to watch a game.

College football picks are as important as the NFL to many and here we take a look back at what is arguably the greatest college football game played in the history of the sport.

Texas and USC

It was January 4 2006 and the occasion was held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. Both of these colleges were renowned for having great teams and it was seen as quite a mouth-watering clash by many fans. Two teams who had completed unbeaten seasons lined up against each other with two Heismann Trophy winners on one side and the greatest player never to win a Heismann Trophy on the other. This game promised a lot and boy, did it deliver.

The Greatest Ever

The phrase "greatest ever" gets thrown about a lot within sport and sports entertainment. How many wrestlers have you heard describe themselves as the greatest ever? It sometimes feels like it's lost all meaning

Sometimes though, there are those deserving of a greatest ever tag. Before this game it was being said about USC who arguably were the best team at the time by far. Texas were no nobodies either and their quarterback, Vince Young, in particular was touted as a future NFL hope.

Halftime saw the Texans with an unexpected 16-10, but USC were still the college football picks of many and come back they did. Two TDs, a missed Texas field goal and an 80-yard scoring drive helped USC into a 12-point lead.

Texas weren't about to give up and they fought hard to get back into the game.

Longhorns Victory

It isn't over till it's over and the Trojans weren't complacent either. They knew it was a tough lead to defend and before they knew it Texas were back to within a couple of points and USC eventually led by five with minutes to go.

There were still plenty of twists left though and there was no way USC could see out the clock.Texas faced a third and 12 and converted for a first down on USC's 46. They advanced and were soon at the 14. Young received the snap and with nowhere to go went it alone for his third rushing TD of the game. This gave the Longhorns a one-point lead with just 19 seconds remaining on the clock

Texas lined up for a two-point conversion and USC used their last time out. The ensuing play saw Young successfully reach the end zone and the final score was 41-38 Texas Longhorns. Fans finally could breathe again after such a tense game.

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